How did we decide upon the topic for Thematic Funding this year? 

The Trustees decided to align the theme with the IOM Government’s “Our Island Plan” and “The Big Picture” from KPMG, who is the Government’s strategic partner, together with input from the National Lottery Community Fund. The idea is that scope is wide, but we are hoping that organisations adhere to the “reduce, recycle, reuse” principles to help the Island become more sustainable in the longer term.


Can I apply to Thematic Funding if I already have a Community Award?



How much Thematic Funding could I apply for in 2022?

We suggest:

 • For coming together, up to £5,000

 • For developing and staying together no more than £20,000

 • For working together and delivering, maximum £50,000


How do we expect partnership working to work?

 • One organisation must take overall responsibility for the funding

 • We suggest there should be a formal agreement between organisations working     together


What is the most funding we can receive in one year?

£50,000, however, if you are lucky enough to be awarded a Thematic Fund grant of £150,000, this project will have to run over 3 years, so that you will receive tranches of £50,000 per year.


We are a local authority. Which other programmes can we apply to?

Community Awards


We are a school/university. Which other programmes can we apply to?

Community Awards


Who can apply to Dormant Assets Fund?

Charitable organisations


When can we apply to Dormant Assets Fund?

We are hoping to consider Dormant Assets applications at the meeting on 24th June and then again in November, if further funding is available


If we have a Dormant Assets Fund grant award, can we still apply to Community Awards and Thematic Funding in the same year?

Yes, but you cannot have more than one ‘live’ grant in any of the funding programmes.


Is there further Dormant Assets Funding available this year?

Yes, the Trustees are expecting a figure similar to last year of £650k. Applications will be considered at two meetings during the current financial year to 31st March 2023.