Are you looking for a grant of £300 - £2,500? Please click below for an overview of the Smaller Grant Application Process


Send your signed application to us by post at least three months before your project is due to start to allow us to process your application in time.

You can email your application to us, but we will need you to send us a signed original in the post.

If you are not sure whether your project is something we can fund, please either call our office line on 0800 047 0036, or email us on [email protected].

In accordance with our Value for Money Policy, you need to obtain quotes for the items for which you are requesting funding and send them in with your application form.

Please also enclose a copy of your latest financial statements.

We will only consider one application from your organisation at a time. If you are a current grant holder you need to have satisfactorily met all our grant monitoring requirements before applying again.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within five working days of it being received.

If your application is not complete, it will not be processed. It will be returned to you and you will have 10 working days to send us the missing information.


If you have sent us all the information we need, we will process your application.

During assessment by the grants team, we will read through the application and prepare it for a meeting where the Trustees will consider and make a decision on your application. We may need to ask you some questions to plug any knowledge gaps, so we can present the best possible case for you. The extra questions we come up with are not generic but will be unique to your application and should lead to a stronger chance of success.

Assessment allows you to build a relationship with us through personal contact. It also allows us to keep our application form shorter and less daunting. At this stage we can give you a definite date for the Trustee meeting so you know when a decision is going to be made.


We will write to let you know the outcome of your application within about eight weeks. If it is successful, we will send you a letter telling you how much the grant is, what it is for and how and when it will be paid.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will write to you and tell you why.


You can start your project once you receive our letter confirming the grant.


You must complete your project within 12 months of the date of our letter confirming the grant, unless, by exception, the Trustees have awarded a grant over a longer period.

You will be asked to complete an end of grant report telling us how the grant has been spent and what was achieved.

We may visit or telephone you, or ask to see original receipts to check how the grant was spent.