A grant from the Manx Lottery Trust will mean a local mental health charity can provide more peer mentor training and support.

Quing – founded in 2017 – terms itself a ‘discovery community’ made up of individuals who have overcome or are overcoming significant personal challenges in their lives, supporting people who are currently suffering with issues such as addiction, poor mental health and the challenges associated with past criminality. It does this through its drop-in Discovery Centre, counselling and therapeutic services, peer mentoring and events.

In the last two years, 62 people have completed its four-day peer mentor induction programme with 15 of them going forward to train for a Level One qualification in Peer Mentoring. Both the induction course and Level One are gateways to accredited qualifications, which will increase the likelihood of future employment.

The Manx Lottery Trust grant of £10,500 will mean more people can take part in the induction programme and give extra support to people who have undertaken the Level 1 accreditation, and help them to make a difference to the lives of other people.

Quing founder, Graham Clucas, explained: ‘Anyone who has gone through significant challenges and hardships in their lives can use their negative experiences to help form positive connections with fellow humans, as they have a deeper level of empathy and comradeship. In fact, the majority of people who have trained with us had been socially isolated and had basically given up on life.

‘As well as being able to invite more people to take the induction, the grant will allow us and our UK partners to give better support and supervision to anyone undertaking the Peer Mentoring qualification.’

Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, Sarah Kelly, said: ‘Quing has grown considerably since its launch in 2017 and it continues to focus on building a support network for people going through difficult times. We’re delighted to have awarded this grant through our Island Community Fund.’

Quings team of Peer Mentors

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