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The Isle of Man’s first publicly accessible Changing Places toilet has been recognised in the People’s Choice Changing Places Awards 2018/19.

Funded through a collaboration between Manx Lottery Trust and the Manx Museum & National Trust, the space at the Manx Museum has achieved the Overall ‘Best Registered’ Changing Places Facility in the British Isles.

Comprising a height adjustable changing bench, overhead powered ceiling hoist, adjustable washbasin and centrally placed toilet with room either side for accompanying carers, the Changing Places toilet provides a safe and fully equipped facility for people with multiple disabilities and complex needs.  

Although standard accessible toilets can be found in most public places, they are generally too small to accommodate more than one person and don’t provide changing tables or hoists, so often the only option for individuals with complex needs and disabilities is to be changed on a toilet floor. It is hoped that by celebrating these fantastic facilities through the People’s Choice Changing Places Awards, it will help to raise vital awareness of the incredible difference they can make to people’s lives.

Manx Lottery Trust awarded a grant of £25,147 to the Manx Museum and National Trust in 2018 to help fund the project, with the remaining 53% of the total cost of £54,024 covered by its charitable funds. 

Sarah Kelly, Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, commented: ‘We are thrilled that the Manx Museum’s Changing Places toilet has been recognised in this way.

‘We’d like to offer our congratulations to the team at the Manx Museum and National Trust for rolling out the project so successfully and providing a fully accessible toilet and safe space for those that require it. 

‘It is clear there is a need for such facilities on the Isle of Man, and it would be great to see more local organisations introducing a Changing Places toilet so we as a community can offer the facilities required by those with complex needs.


The Changing Places toilet at the Manx Museum was awarded the Overall Best Registered Changing Places Facility in the Peoples Choice Changing Places Awards 201819.


Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust Sarah Kelly and Edmund Southworth Director of Manx National Heritage2