Isle of Man Poetry Society has been awarded £310 for the production and distribution of Manx Reflections, its bi-annual poetry booklet.

The grant, awarded by Manx Lottery Trust as part of its Smaller Grant Programme, will help fund a summer and winter edition of Manx Reflections and showcase the whimsical words of local poets. Each year the Society prints two poetry booklets which offer an opportunity for members to have their work published in the public domain – many for the first time.

Bethany de Legh-Runciman from the Isle of Man Poetry Society said: ‘Manx Reflections gives our 50 plus members a chance to have their work printed in a lovely to read and lovely to look at booklet that they can share with their friends and family. Many of our poets have not had their work published before, so it can give their self-confidence a real boost. Each member receives a copy of the booklet and it is also available in some bookstores and libraries across the Island to promote the Society and the genre of poetry, which is becoming extremely popular these days.

‘Without Manx Lottery Trust’s support, it was looking unlikely that we’d be able to get the two editions printed this year, so on behalf of the Society, we say thank you.’

Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust Sarah Kelly added: ‘Isle of Man Poetry Society is a welcoming and community-focused group that we were pleased to offer our support to. Manx Reflections is a great way to showcase the efforts of its members each year and we look forward to reviewing this year’s final product.’

The Isle of Man Poetry Society was established in 2000 and holds events throughout the year at galleries and public places promoting poetry on the Isle of Man. It also hosts ‘Poetry Pop-In’, an informal monthly get-together for anyone interested in poetry, and the annual ‘Poetry Trail’ – an open writing competition which sees 10 short poems posted around Douglas in autumn each year and invites the public to follow the trail.

For more information contact Bethany by email: bethany@manxcat.org.uk, by phone: 07624 481792 or by finding the ‘Isle of Man Poetry Society’ on Facebook.

Some members of the Isle of Man Poetry Society. Photo Credit Ernie de Legh Runciman

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