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A new charity which aims to help people recover and grow from trauma has received a major boost.

Quing seeks to support those with mental health and addiction problems overcome their difficulties through discovery, rehabilitation and reintegration into the community. 

The Manx Lottery Trust, as delegated partner of the Big Lottery Fund, has awarded a grant of £50,000 towards the wide-ranging work of the charity which is based in the centre of Douglas on Broadway and operates a Discovery Cafe. 

The grant will be used for its Asset Based Community Development(a strengths-based model for building stronger communities) Peer Mentor Training programmes and will also part-fund the appointment of an administrator.

Chief Executive Officer and founder of Quing, Graham Clucas, said: ‘As a charity, we try to build on what is strong not on what is wrong. Rather than diagnose or treat symptoms, we aim to go to the root cause - develop resources in people’s lives, provide a place where they feel they belong, where they can develop friendships, receive innovative peer support and benefit from mentoring programmes. 

‘Whether someone is suffering from addiction or mental health issues or is a former offender requiring support, anyone who has made the journey of recovery knows that true healing is only done by the person, not to or for them.

‘Through being supported by people who are further along the path, specialist trauma therapists, people who come along discover their wellbeing, discover friends, discover their strengths and discover their place in the world.’

Sarah Kelly, Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, said: ‘Quing offers an alternative approach focusing on trauma recovery and healing within the community. Its peer mentoring programme is designed to give people the skills to support others and build on their strengths, important factors in building a stronger Island community.”