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The Manx Lottery Trust, as delegated partner of Big Lottery Fund, are funding an exercise group for people with Parkinson's disease on the Island. This group will be led by Graihagh Betteridge, a Chartered Physiotherapist. Individual pre and post group sessions will be done with the physiotherapist.

The exercises are designed to help with the specific difficulties that people with Parkinson's face.

The positive benefits of following a regular exercise programme include maintaining strength in muscles, maintaining balance to help prevent falls, increasing mobility in joints, and improving wellbeing and mood.

The programme was launched on Monday 22nd February, with the first session taking place at the Polyclinic, Onchan.

Pamela Shimwell - Mayo MBE, Chairman of Parkinson's Disease Society Isle of Man said " With the help of the Grant Award from the Manx Lottery Trust we can now go forward with our Physiotherapy programme for the next 3 years, which I know will help a number of our members greatly"

 Parkinson Disease Society6

Representatives of MLT and Parkinson's Disease Society at the launch of the programme with Graihagh Betteridge.

Left to right: Malcolm Kelly, Chairman MLT, Pamela Shimwell-Mayo, MBE, Chairman Parkinson's Disease Society, Graihagh Betteridge, Trevor Butler, and David Gawne, MBE