A local addiction charity has successfully launched a cross-generational mental health and wellbeing programme in the Isle of Man, after being awarded a substantial grant from Manx Lottery Trust. 

The grant of £48,000 means service users across all ages and generations now have access to help and support through the introduction of three new branches; MiniMotiv8, Motiv8 Recovery Network and Live Longer & Healthier: Older Generations Project.

Motiv8 Addiction Services received the grant from Manx Lottery Trust for the project as part of its 2018/19 Thematic Funding scheme, of which the theme was ‘mental health and wellbeing’.

MiniMotiv8, a mental health resilience group project for children and young people, is aimed at anyone between the ages of eight and 18 affected by addictive behaviours.

Motiv8 Recovery Network, a group work and peer mentoring programme, aims to build mental health resilience and recovery for those suffering from mental health problems and addiction. The charity is also encouraging personal growth by offering training opportunities to become a SMART facilitator - an internationally recognised qualification – to help others suffering from addiction. 

It has also initiated a ‘Give Back, Feel Good’ environmental project, which builds on the strength and inner resilience of service users and in turn helps with mental health issues and recovery from addictive behaviours.

In partnership with the Drug and Alcohol Team, Live Longer & Healthier - Older Generations Project, is a health campaign addressing substance use in the over 50s. As part of this initiative, alcohol awareness sessions are delivered to this demographic as part of workplace sessions and/or retirement planning programmes. 

Lyndsey Smart, Deputy Director at Motiv8, said: ‘The link between addictive behaviours and mental health has been clearly established – substance abuse and addiction can be both the cause and symptom of various mental health problems. We have developed this three-tiered programme with that in mind; encouraging recovery by connecting people with others, empowering them to make choices and be in control of their own destiny and allowing them the opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

‘Recent research on substance misuse in older people in the Isle of Man noted that many issues were being overlooked or misdiagnosed. It also found a disproportionate number of retirees go on to develop increased alcohol or substance use, increasing the risk of depression, anxiety and mental health issues and reducing quality of life.

‘This project is tackling this issue head on, along with a wide and varied range of problems being faced across all age groups. We have been overwhelmed with the response so far and are pleased to see how well the project has advanced, just three months in.

‘Through education, patience, understanding and compassion – we can make a difference to lives in our community. We’re so grateful to Manx Lottery Trust for once again supporting Motiv8 and assisting our efforts to support those affected by addiction.’

Sarah Kelly, Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, said: ‘The mental health and wellbeing of our community is so important and a programme like this can make such a difference to those that need additional help and support. It is great that Motiv8 has considered all demographics and can offer targeted support across all ages, we’re pleased to support the charity once again.’


Trevor Butler from Manx Lottery Trust presenting Motiv8 with a cheque of 48000

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