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The Trustees are pleased to announce the 2015 awards made under Thematic Funding.

Charities/organisations were invited to make to make applications for projects to empower older people, support better ageing, and help older people manage change in their lives.

Community Awards Thematic Funding grants were awarded as follows:

Crossroad Care IOM  £49,971. To provide an errands and home help social enterprise in order to enable the older people in the community to remain independent as long as possible. This will include support, guidance and practical help with day to day tasks. The service will be run across the whole island.

Connect2Charity £38,000. A new initiative for bibliotherapy sessions run by the Mobile Family Library around the island on a one to one basis or in groups, and in partnership with other organisations. Sessions will provide stimulation, engagement, promote discussion and prevent isolation.

Age IOM £20,000.  A pilot to develop a network of older people across the Isle of Man to enable the voices of older people to be heard in society. Research demonstrates that engaging people in planning, monitoring and evaluation of services results in better quality provision, healthier and happier individuals, and communities. People who are older have wide ranging experience knowledge and skills and make valuable contributions to society and yet the increase in longevity is sometimes perceived by decision makers as a challenge rather than a benefit to our society.

Motiv8 £20,000. Understanding alcohol and substance misuse in older people in the Isle of Man. A key theme of substance abuse in the elderly is isolation. Local research about the elderly in the Island is lacking, and it is hoped the scoping study and awareness raising conference will bring this risk factor, barriers to change, and accessing support, to the attention of professionals and the public.

ManxSPCA £5,450. A scheme for older people who live alone with their pets. It is medically proven that having a pet can improve both mental and physical health in older people as well as reducing loneliness and depression. The project will help alleviate two key aspects of worry for older people,  illness or death. which may prevent them taking on or replacing an animal in later life.

Southern Community initiative £20,000. Expansion to services in the integrated hub and healthy living centre. Reduce isolation and loneliness, both protecting and enabling the vulnerable, in order to develop care and support to help avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, support or help to those living alone or upon discharge from hospital, and an animates project to provide short term pet care when an event prevents the owner from doing so.