Did you know?

The Manx Lottery Trust is able to provide grants to Isle of Man registered charities, voluntary and community organisations, clubs or associations, or companies limited by guarantee. The Trust can also offer grant assistance to local authorities and schools for schemes involving non-statutory duties.

What we do

The Manx Lottery Trust is an independent charitable trust, established by a Trust Deed dated 21st May 2008.

The Objects of the Trust are:

  1. the relief of poverty
  2. the relief of elderly persons
  3. the relief of ill or disabled persons
  4. the advancement of education
  5. any other purposes beneficial to the community

The trustees are able to make payments to individuals, associations, groups, or corporate or other bodies, including registered charities, in furtherance of the objects of the trust, provided that the benefit on any payment is for a person or persons ordinarily resident in the Isle of Man. Grants to individuals under objects (a) – (d) present little difficulty but when considering requests that might fall under option (e) the trustees must be satisfied that any payment would be for a purpose beneficial to the community. This is less likely to be the case where a request is to benefit a single individual or a small group of persons.

Application forms and guidance notes for all grant programmes are available on the Downloads page.        There is, at present,  no faciltity to make applications online.

Please note that our current programmes do not allow direct applications on behalf of individuals.