Did you know?

The Manx Lottery Trust is able to provide grants to Isle of Man registered charities, voluntary and community organisations, clubs or associations, or companies limited by guarantee. The Trust can also offer grant assistance to local authorities and schools for schemes involving non-statutory duties.


The Manx Lottery Trust is a Delegated Partner of the UK Big Lottery Fund and has been appointed by the Fund to act as the lead organisation in the delivery of the grant-making scheme known as the Manx Lottery Trust Grant Scheme.

The Delegation Agreement between the Big Lottery Fund and the Manx Lottery Trust commenced on 11th January 2010 and will run for a period of 5 years unless extended thereafter or terminated by either party.

The Agreement provides a minimum budget of £1.5 million for distribution on the Isle of Man subject to a maximum of 10% being deductible to meet administration costs. The budget is to be reviewed at the end of the third year of the Agreement.

The Manx Lottery Trust receives an annual share of lottery duty arising from local sales of lottery tickets.

The Trust’s share of lottery duty for 2013/14 has been fixed at £100,000.

The Manx Lottery Trust Grant Scheme provides for grants to be made through a number of different programmes – see below.

The Minor Grants Programme is aimed at local communities and provides for the award of grants of between £300 and £1,000 in a simple and straightforward way utilising funds provided by the Treasury. Applications can be made at any time and the application form is short and simple.

Application forms and guidance notes are downloadable.

The General Awards Programme provides for the award of grants of between £1001 and £50,000 by utilisingfunds provided through the Delegation Agreement with the UK Big Lottery Fund.

Application forms and guidance notes are downloadable.

Further details of the various programmes can be viewed on the How To Apply page of this website.

Additional information and advice can be obtained by contacting the Trust’s Grants Officer on (01624) 685745 or by E-mail to mltgrants@manx.net